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Helping you lead from your own light


Magic You

The Membership

Not your regular pre-recorded  meditations. I whip up some magic with the cosmos and bring these to you live. I channel in alignment with the current energies and it usually ends up being just the medicine you need. 

Soul Coaching 1:1

Channelled clarity reflecting where you are at right now and all you'll need to take action towards creating your conscious life or business. These sessions can include energy work.

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As a big hearted sensitive myself, I know how deeply you feel everything that needs healing in the world. Your awareness and heart power have been activated and whilst life can feel overwhelming, you’re ready to own your truth and stand up in your spiritual activism.  It is my purpose to support you to create your conscious life and/or biz and be the powerful change maker that you are. My methods are a lot practical and a little bit magical.

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I had a reading with Emma with no recommendation or idea what to expect. The experience was incredible.  It was so good, that it was a bit scary (in a good way). I say this because she tuned into my desires relating to my relationships that weren’t really conscious yet, and only when she put them into words I realised it was all very true. It helped me in trusting more what I was feeling, thinking and imagining.

A year later I was ready to progress further and I booked a programme with Emma. In the first session Emma did an amazing reading, and exceptionally calming meditation and healing. The healing was truly an extraordinary experience, which continued to affect me for several days. Apart from the energy work, we also discussed and agreed on some homework to get me a little further on my way.

In the second session we mostly reflected and probed deeper into different issues that came up through my journaling and other work, and then concluded the series by a stronger focus on healing and visioning meditation.

Working with Emma showed me a glimpse of how powerful using her techniques may be in helping me find and realise my vision. The work is certainly not completed, and truth is, a lot of uncomfortable questions came up in the process, but I have felt immensely supported and emerged with a larger sense of calm and self-trust at the other side.