I’m Emma, A say-it-like-it-is spiritual coach with a hunger for truth and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

I help women to explore their intuitive and psychic abilities through the art of self-guided meditation practice. I offer a safe, non-judgemental, inclusive, grounded space where we can co-create a supportive framework for your personal journey.

Teaching women the way to connect to their inner world and harness that energy to bring forth their dreams and vision is my passion. (As is cake but that’s another story…)

Life’s ups and downs are inevitable no matter how strong, resilient or connected we are. I have found that meditation, has helped me to know myself better and to lighten the load I used to carry in my consciousness.


But isn’t meditation about spending time cross-legged and blissing out on ‘Om’?


Um, well it can be.. but it’s not the only way! And it’s not my way. I am not trained in any of the traditional forms of meditation. Through my spiritual development I learned how to access stillness for myself and, taking the principals of meditation, create a practice that gives me far more freedom to explore my inner world. I like to call it Conscious Meditation. You’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t have to mean setting aside loads time (that you believe you haven’t got) and if you’ve got bad knees (hands up me!) you absolutely don’t need to sit cross-legged on the floor! In fact I encourage movement in my meditation.


Self-guided meditation is the art of witnessing heart and mind, body and soul.


Through meditation you can access all sources and realms in order to find the answers to your burning questions. It allows you to tune in to your intuition, connect to your senses and embrace the natural power that lives inside you.


Working with me on a 1-1 basis, or in my Magic Meditation group, will give you the opportunity to learn how to create your own meditation practice so that it becomes an integral part of your life and business, helping you to know yourself better, create and achieve your goals.



'Every breath is an opportunity to connect to the Universe.’

My spiritual journey began, like many of us, as an intuitive child who shut down her psychic energy and emotions and proceeded to live a ‘normal’ life.  Stuck in an office job for years I started to feel dissatisfied, unhappy and began questioning who I was.

My spiritual and psychic awareness began to shake up around 2007 amidst a life overhaul. I started sensing energy, receiving communications from spirit and my intuition raised its game. I had no choice but to respond and so became a curious student of consciousness and an explorer of my life experiences. I delved into self-awareness and committed to spiritual self-development training in London and Egypt.

Each of my personal ‘stories’ has taught me lessons in self-guiding, self-healing and knowing when to ask for help. It hasn’t always been an easy path to walk, but I have answered my soul’s calling to brave seeing my own truths.

Spending time in Egypt has been key in allowing me to deepen my spiritual connection, it’s where I really met myself in truth. I would definitely encourage you to follow any niggles you have to go to sacred lands.

Naturally all these skills lead to a purpose to support others on their path and give those that are ready to heal and awaken, the tools to seek their inner truths and create a more conscious life.

I launched my spiritual practice in 2013 offering support, guidance and healings to others on their journey of spiritual awakening. I believe many can self-guide and self-heal and I enjoy teaching others, in quite an experiential way (not a fan of one method fits all systems), how to activate their innate power and energy to create the life and business they desire.


I work with a range of energies including your energy and soul field, earth and planetary energy, ancient Egyptian energy, fairy realm, ascended masters, the archangelic, stellar light, divine light and  What a team hey! This enables me to support hundreds of women on their journey to achieve spiritual freedom and a deeper connection to inner wisdom.  I’m really good at holding the space for you have your own experiences in channelling these energies and work intuitively with you so that you can begin a daily practice to connect to your natural intuition, spend time in focused meditation, relax your busy mind and expand your heart space. These are the key elements to expanding into your souls energy, where the magic happens!

If you’re a woman ready to embrace the practical side of spirituality; a way of trusting the words that come to you in meditation in order for you to create a framework that helps you inject some much needed soul into your work and free flowing ease into your life, then now is the time to get the support you crave.




Fruit cake, with marzipan and icing, makes the world go round. Homemade Bakewell tart competes well too. And I love a good carrot cake with lemon frosting zingy enough to contort my face.



I am that crazy cat lady who talks to cats and, guess what? They talk back! I’ve got a lot more to say about cats. You could say a books worth to say.


Gen X'er, Scorpio Tiger

and INFJ. Make of these what you will. I’ve also carried out no less than three other personality tests. Clumped together, I feel a little bit alien. In a good way.



One of the biggest lessons this past few years has been how to be still. And I’m pretty flipping good at it. I can just be. For hours. And hours. And hours. Especially if there are cats around mirroring to me that it’s ok. And extra especially enjoyed with tea and cake. Or champers and cake. I really am not fussy.