If you're closing your eyes and silently roaring 'get me off this roller coaster!' , I hear you lovely. You don't have to wait until this pandemic ride is over to give yourself a bit of tlc. I'm right here to help you. If you are feeling mentally or emotionally pulled about i'm here to help you get back to stillness, to make space to be and process all that's going on for you.

  • Completely let go as I guide you into a deep restful meditation

  • Receive healing that will support your emotional and mental well being, restoring your energy to calm

  • Revive your energy and sense of purpose as you navigate these uncertain times

  • Join a private Facebook group so you can connect with others 

  • I'll be going live and channelling a guided healing meditation every Monday evening in May at 8pm, inside a private Facebook group.

  • You can either join live or catch the replay any number of times at your convenience.

  • This is a donation based offering, pay what you works for you.

  • NHS, social, care or public sector, anyone who has  lost a loved one to Coronavirus, I welcome you in for free regardless and i'm sending you all my love and thoughts at this time.

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If you are able to support my work at this time I am very grateful as this will enable me to continue to offer such events on an ongoing basis whilst making them as accessible as possible to everyone. Thank you xx

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