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Come and explore and play in the magical realms of meditation.

There's no rigid theme but here are some of the topics i'm planning to cover over the next several weeks;-  


#Timeout from the mental noise


#Overwhelm to calm

#Deep rest & relaxation

#Chakra energy tune up

#Self healing


#Connection to your spiritual guides

#Getting in frequency and flow for your creative projects

#Playing with intentions and synchronicity.

Get ready to get intentional about what you need and want from your meditation practice.

  • To join my private Facebook group and connect with others, can I please ask you to fill in the short form below.

  • I'll be going live and channelling a guided meditation every Monday evening at 8pm, inside the facebook group.

  • You can either join live or catch the replay any number of times at your convenience.

  • This is a donation based offering and if you can contribute this would help me being able to continue to support this work.

  • NHS, care workers and public sector, anyone who has  lost a loved one to Coronavirus,  I welcome you in for free regardless and i'm sending you all my love and thoughts at this time.

At the centre of your stillness your wisdom awaits patiently. 

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If you are able to support my work at this time I am very grateful as this will enable me to continue to offer such events on an ongoing basis whilst making them as accessible as possible to everyone. Thank you xx

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